Just before I graduated university I got the chance to write and direct my own film after a number of years just doing sound and music. I wanted to do a horror movie but to do so i had to prove my idea would differ from all the other horror pitches my lectures had heard before. I had an idea of a character being haunted but i decided to turn the tables on the ordinary innocent victim being haunted by an evil spirit. I made the main character have a dark secret which wouldn’t be uncovered until the end which was why they were being haunted. So the film was made and screened at a local cinema along with other students and their films. I receive good feedback from those who saw it but the piece of creative criticism I got by many people was “Really should have been longer” which I fully agreed with. I had a decent story but did not develop my character’s enough to deliver what I really wanted to.

So, I have decided to rewrite the script and correct all my mistakes, making it more effective and make a decent horror script.



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