About me

I’ve always been a creative person ever since I was a child. I would draw pictures because I couldn’t read or write as good as the other kids. I started to tell stories with my drawings kind of like a comic book or storyboard but mu art skills never really progressed much as I got older so my parents really encouraged me to write. I thought it was a pretty dumb idea at the time since I was dyslexic but I found out by trying I would get better so i started to writer small one-page stories for my mom and dad. They along with the school would help me learn spelling, grammer and punctuation.

As i got older, I was slowly seeing the detail that I was putting into my short stories was far better than I ever could have drawn at the time so I just kept progressing and honing my craft every chance I could, I would even ignore my school work just so I could write. It’s fair to say English became my favourite subject at school which is where I found my love for Shakespeare, Orwell and Steinbeck. Having loved horror from a very early age every one of my stories was either horror or another genre with strong horror elements. I would write fan fiction as movies such as Halloween and Friday the 13th inspired me the most but it was an English teacher who eventually helped me formulate my own ideas onto the page. Most of my stories were pretty much rip off’s of what I had seen in movies but as time went on they became more and more original and I even tried out different genres.

After I finished school I took a break from writing for almost three years to focus on Acting and Music but it all came back to me as soon as I started university for film making. I tried many roles in the field of making films but the only one I could truly love was writing so i began to write scripts. It didn’t feel the same as just writing because there are different rules between writing a story and writing a script. So we have landed on today, and today I am a graduate bachelor of arts and I am currently building a portfolio I can use to get writing work.




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