Hey folks

Just want to let you know that I have not stopped using this blog, I don’t have access to a computer much these days as my own is broke and i need a new one. I will try to get on here when I can so i can carry on writing. So “The Hatch” has not been scrapped, work on it will commence shortly.

thank you all.


Regarding: The Hatch

Hi Everyone

So in the last hour or so a few people have read the first chapter of The Hatch, and your likes and comments are welcome and much appreciated. Just thought I’d let you all know since I forgot to add at the end of the chapter that this will be on-going and your feedback would be very valuable to it’s progression. If you like what you have read so far please follow me so you won’t miss a word. I’m currently planning the next chapter and can’t wait to get deeper into it.

Thanks a lot everyone

The Perfect Scream

The Perfect Scream

Just before I graduated university I got the chance to write and direct my own film after a number of years just doing sound and music. I wanted to do a horror movie but to do so i had to prove my idea would differ from all the other horror pitches my lectures had heard before. I had an idea of a character being haunted but i decided to turn the tables on the ordinary innocent victim being haunted by an evil spirit. I made the main character have a dark secret which wouldn’t be uncovered until the end which was why they were being haunted.┬áSo the film was made and screened at a local cinema along with other students and their films. I receive good feedback from those who saw it but the piece of creative criticism I got by many people was “Really should have been longer” which I fully agreed with. I had a decent story but did not develop my character’s enough to deliver what I really wanted to.

So, I have decided to rewrite the script and correct all my mistakes, making it more effective and make a decent horror script.


Research 1

On the subject of script writing I will be looking at other forms of media which require scripts to be written and see if I can maybe give it a try to strengthen my abilities. So far I have taken a look at comic book scripts and radio play scripts which have completely different formatting from each other and from screenplays. More research to be done to find more forms of scripts and what makes them work in terms of what they have been written for.

Making my Portfolio 1

So this is my first professional blog since graduating university, I’ve been wanting to do this for a few months but since I’ve graduated I’ve been at a loss at what to do or where to start. I’m Currently looking for work to make a steady wage to support myself the best I can while I work on my passion. I have looked at different types of writer’s portfolios and having experience in different styles of writing I’ve decided to compile a portfolio of different types of writing to expand my path a little more in the field of writing.

University has really broadened my mind to writing different genres of film scripts which I didn’t think I’d be any good at because I had very little interest in coming out of my comfort zone. I started my writing mainly in horror and it still is my first love but as time has gone by I’ve learned and continuing to learn how to write for different genres.

The genres I want to include in my portfolio as part of my scriptwriting section will be;

  • Horror
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Comedy
  • Mystery

I will also be going to add short stories into my portfolio since that is where this whole thing has come from and something I really want to continue doing along with film scripts. Once I feel I’ve gotten somewhere with it I will be seeking assistance from a professional. I will also be logging each detail in this blog as time goes by to map my process. Please if any of you have questions to ask or advice to give, feel free, all is welcome.